Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Object Serialization

To serialize an object, you need the object to be serialized, a stream to contain the serialized object, and a FormatterSystem.Runtime.Serialization contains the classes necessary for serializing and deserializing objects.
Apply the SerializableAttribute attribute to a type to indicate that instances of this type can be serialized. A SerializationException exception is thrown if you attempt to serialize but the type does not have the SerializableAttribute attribute.
If you do not want a field within your class to be serializable, apply the NonSerializedAttribute attribute. If a field of a serializable type contains a pointer, a handle, or some other data structure that is specific to a particular environment, and the field cannot be meaningfully reconstituted in a different environment, then you may want to make it nonserializable.
If a serialized class contains references to objects of other classes that are marked SerializableAttribute, those objects will also be serialized.

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