Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Connecting with IPv6 in Windows 8

IPv4 is the Internet Protocol that has been used for Internet connectivity for decades. However, IPv4 was never designed for such load and scale, and it is beginning to show signs of strain as the Internet grows—even though the incredible foresight of the original designers continues to power the Internet at a massive scale. Internet service providers are finding IPv4 increasingly costly to maintain; it will require an overhaul to sustain the upcoming onslaught of connected PCs and devices.
For several years, the industry, including Microsoft, has been working to roll out a completely new version of the Internet Protocol – IPv6 – across various devices, services, and network infrastructure. Windows releases since Windows XP SP3 have supported IPv6, making the IPv6 transition possible. We have engineered Windows 8 to keep you (and your apps) reliably connected as this dramatic transition takes place.
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