Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creating a facebook app

This is a step by steb tutorial for creating a facebook app. At first you have to register as a facebook developer in , Then download the dll's FBHelper.dll and NewtoSoft.dll from this link

step:1 Navigate to and click on the app link.


step:2 click on the create new app button

step:3 Enter the app name and name space. name space is simple a name which is used to identify   your app.

step 4: Complete the capche.

step:5  You will get a unique app id and app secret code. Sandboxmode should be enabled while creating and testing your app.

step 6: Open your visual studio and create an website. this is for getting your testing url.

step 7: add new page.

step 8: add the following dll's to your projects. Newtonsoft is not requered unless you are not using the direct FQL method from the FBHelper.

 step 9: Take the properties of your website by rightclicking on the site annd change the target framework to 4, because FBHelper.dll supports only from dotnet 4.0.

step 10: take your site url by running your website.

step 11: and change your canvase url. this url will be called after the user authenticate your app.

step 12:  Customize your permissions.

step 13: add
using FBHelper;
using FBHelper.Entity;  namespaces. then you are ready to go. see the below screen shots

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